Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Earrings Ran Off with the Socks?

I buy lots of vintage jewelry for our eBay and Etsy businesses. Sometimes, I buy it (and sell it) in a Grab Bag format. Look for some great grab bags in the next few weeks at San Diegan Collectibles.

Buying a whole bag of jewelry is so much fun. Is there a buried treasure in it? There always is - I've never been disappointed yet. I do have one question, though. Why are there always so many single earrings? At first, I thought I was just picking the "wrong" bags. Then, when I went through my own jewelry box, I discovered something surprising - earring after earring, lying there mateless. Apparently, through the years prized jewels have been dropping from my ears with alarming regularity! And from everyone else's as well. Either that, or the earrings have all eloped with my many single socks that I can never quite bring myself to throw away.

Now that I've begun salvaging beads and jewels, I am keenly aware of these missing gems. It seems as though the very prettiest earrings are always the solo ones. Perhaps they were worn more frequently, increasing their odds of getting lost. So now they are considered useless, which seems a dreadful shame, considering how beautiful they are. Do you think we could ever start a trend of wearing two different earrings at the same time? I'm tempted to try it - although, at my advanced age (AARP is falling all over themselves to get me to join) people might think it's just a sign of age-related forgetfulness. I think it will take a young and daring fashionista to start this trend.

In the meantime, what to do with all the pretty single earrings? As I've reported in an earlier blog, I have zero talent for jewelry-making. All of you talented crafters out there - how would you repurpose these lovelies?


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