Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nothing Ventured, Nothing "Lost"

I've been selling vintage beads on Etsy for a couple of months now. During that time, I've been practicing making jewelry myself - because there are just not ENOUGH handmade jewelry sellers on Etsy! <----- LOL, as they say. There are tons of handmade jewelry sellers on Etsy and some of their designs are breathtaking. Literally, I find myself gasping at some of the amazing things people make.

I am convinced that Etsy has some of the most creative artistic minds on the planet. My next post will be all about the amazing variety of talent that is selling on Etsy - if you should visit Etsy for some browsing, prepare to be lost in a wonderland of beauty and creativity for hours on end.

Speaking of lost, the TV series "Lost" has inspired my first piece of Etsy handmade jewelry (it's not my first piece of handmade jewelry - just the first one I've dared to list). I had the most exquisite Ocean Jasper beads in a huge 20mm size and the deepest, richest hues. There were two beads in particular that seemed to have a special resonance for me, a deep blue and a lighter blue stone. They seemed to me to be two different parts of the same stone, representing a dark side and a light side. While I was looking at them, I happened to think of the “Lost” island, and how it has become a living character on the show. The Ocean Jasper beads reminded me of the island. Then I remembered that I still had some sea glass from Hawaii from 1987 that was in the shape of barrels. I had holes drilled through them, and they are now part of my “Island’s Heart” necklace, along with some gorgeous Czech glass beads. I made earrings to match, and the resulting set can be viewed by clicking on the link under the above photo.
I will soon be opening an additional Etsy store just for completed handmade and vintage jewelry pieces. In the meantime, have fun being lost on Etsy island!



Autumn2May said...

I think by the time we are done, our family will own half the shops on Etsy! :) Very cool piece! Let us know when you open your new shop. :)

ann said...

Beautiful and I remember those Hawaiin beads. Woohoooooo... love you, annie

Autumn2May said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know I gave you an award. :) It's called One Lovely Blog. You can see it here: http://autumn2may.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-first-award.html

Jennie :)